Monday, January 25, 2010

The Cay chapters 13 and 14

Wow, we had some good comments from our class discussion after reading chapter 13. Many of you commented on Phillips question at the end of the chapter "Timothy, are you still black?

I would love to hear from some of you further comments on this line. Why do you think it is significant?

How has Philip changed so far in the story? Has Timothy changed at all? If so, how? Be sure to give examples.

What has been your favorite chapter so far in the story? Why? If you were going to give that chapter a title, what would it be?


Anonymous said...

Phillip has changed the story like when he went fishing by himself or when he climbed the palm trees.I also think that Timothy has changed when he had that spas attack thing.I liked the chapter wear they got on the island I liked because you got the realeif that they are on land.I would have called the chapter "land" because you get that realif that they're on land.

By Will Donnell

Anonymous said...

(1) At first I thought it kind of racist because your asking what color they are, but after I thought it over I understand because Phill-eep is blind

(2) I think Phill-eep is being nicer to Timothy because after he said the bad stuff to Timothy he thought about it and he changed his act and is listening to what Timothy says.

(3) I dont think Timothy has really changed

(4) I think the chapter when Timothy get Malria because it is really exciting because you dont know whats going to happen is he going to die? is he going to suffer??? And I would name this chapter The Bad Surprise! Becaus eit is a surprise that is bad!!

Rajon Rondo

Henry said...

I agree with Will, Phillip changed in the story after climbing the tree and fishing at the pit. Timothy has not really changed except for malaria. I liked the chapter where they were torpedoed. If I would name that chapter it would be called "Attacked." I think Phillip is getting to like Timothy more and that he trusts him. Hendelberry/Hendelson/Hernie

Anonymous said...

Well he is learning how to fish when he is blind. Phillip is also starting to like Timothy a lot better. At the end of the book I think Phillip is going to find his mother and Timothy is going to die. I like this book a lot and I wish it couldn't end.:( And can we read "Rules" next my sister loved that book well thats what she told me.


Anonymous said...

Because it tells more interesting things about Timothy and Philip.He is actually having a lot of experience with Timothy on the island.Yes Timothy has changed in the story.He is not calling Philip young bahss, and he is actually including Philip in the dangerous stuff.Chapter 13 is my favorite chapter so far.Because it showed that Timothy and Philip are becoming really close friends.I would call it Timothy and Philip's friendship.
by Andrew Leduc
Date 1-25-10

julia the coolia said...

I think that line is special because, being blind for a long time now, he just wanted to make sure everything was the same(or as close as he could get to the same). I think Philip hasn't changed look wise, but more in his heart. He has definetly found the true meaning of trust and friendship. Timothy has really changed Philip. My favorite chapter is chapter 13 because I think it is great that Philip can finally do things himself. I think it is neat that Timothy helped him through it. I would title this chapter "Philip Learns". I would name it that because, simply, Philip learns to do things for himself.
-julia was just in the poolia-

Anonymous said...

will.p WILL.P will.p

Well I just thinking about how Phillip and how he has changed and when we were class and I said, " Phillip was not that racist any more." I still stand by my comment because...Phillip said your a ugly and black man. Now he said "But now, in my memory, it did not seem ugly at all." Well that answers that.(I talking about Timothy now.) I think Timothy is a little different. Well timothy is more dependent on Phillip a little bet more because he has a disease.

Well my favorite chapter so far is 13 because Phillip and Timothy get along good this chapter.


Anonymous said...

I think that Phillips words "Timothy are you still black?" are mostly saying "I don't care that you are black." Since Phillip is blind I bet that he is realizing that it doesn't matter what you look like, it matters what kind of personalty you have.
I think that both Timothy and Phillip are changing because Tiomthy is teaching Phillip all these new things and Phillip is acually doing them. Like at the beginning when Timothy was trying to teach Phillp to weave a mat. Phillp kept refusing because he was blind. now I think that
Phillip realizes that in order to live he needs to work a little harder. In the chapter we read Phillip learned to fish.
Both Phillip and Timothy are making progress.


Anonymous said...

I think Phillip has changed. He likes black people now. For instance when he got slaped and he realised that Timothy was doing this to help him.
He is now independent as a blind man. He knows how to get aroud the island and fish all on his own!!!!

From your ??????????? servent alex:?

Anonymous said...

Phillip has changed the story by improving his skills of getting around and working and surviving. He has to work on his own and I think it will be hard for him to find things and fish with out Timothy. It will be hard know when there is a scooner coming that could rescue him. He is not lonely because he has stew cat which Timothy thought was a jumby. My favorite chapter is all of them because every chapter has a cool adventure. Mullet Man Noah

Anonymous said...

I think he said that because he was so nice and his mom kind of thought that blacks were mean and bad so he questions why was this black man so nice and kind and helpful. Timothy really protected Phillip because he really didn't want him to die. he must really like Phillip because he gave up his life for his life for him. Thats pretty deep!

-Mr. Elwells favorite kid the book boy-

#1 Elwell fan!

Anonymous said...

I think Phillip has changed. I think he has become braver, stronger, smarter, and much more independent. Like when he told Timothy he would climb the palm tree, or when he got attacked by birds he was being brave, and when he was fishing.

My favorite chapter so far was when the storm hit, I thought that was kind of cool. (NOT ABOUT TIMOTHY DIEING) Stew Cat survived!!!!!! I would name the chapter "The eye of the storm" because they were in the eye of the storm about half way through the chapter.

I do not think Phillip will eat Stew Cat. I don't think he will die. I also have a prediction that when Phillip gets saved by a plane or boat or whatever and gets back to his mom he is going to adopt Stew Cat.

from emma and stew cat

Anonymous said...

1. I think it's a signifigant part in the story when Philip says:
"Timothy, are you still black?". I think that he used to be disturbed by his black appearance, but as he started to build a friendship with him, Philip started to treat Timothy the same as if he was a white man. It really shows that Philip doesn't care if Timothy's black, but that Timothy is (or was) a very kind and compassionate man.

2. I do think that Philip has changed a lot in the story because the experience of being on an island with a stranger really isn't great. Especially one that won't give you whatever you want. When Philip said "Timothy, are you still black?" also shows that Philip has changed because it shows he is treating a black man as if he was a white man. An example of a time where Phillip has changed is when it was raining and both Phillip and Timothy was lying in the hut and they were talking as if they were old friends. Or even brothers;because they fight and all (except in looks of course).

3. My favorite chapter in the book so far was when Phillip first saw Timothy on the raft. If I could name that chapter I would name it "A New Beginning"......

!oo% $@r@!-! (SARAH)

P.S. I am so sad Timothy died. I got a feeling though that a schooner is going to go by and save Phillip. Also, they are going to take Timothy's body and bury it on land.

Anonymous said...

(1) I think Phillip has changed his attitude and the way he does things without being afraid about it like when he helped Timothy get the mussel and he wasnt afraid to reach his hand in the water

(2) I dont really think Timothy has changed he is regular old Tim

(3) My favorite is when the torpidoe hit because it was surprising and unexpected I would name it the not so good surprise!!

RaJoN RoNdO ***

Anonymous said...

My favorite chapter in "The Cay" was probably when Phillip and Timothy first get on the island (I agree with Will D.). I liked it because it was full of information (information meaning a lot of things were going on). Like when Phillip and Timothy first see the land. Also when Timothy builds a shelter.
If I could name the chapter it would be called "Finding the Cay".


Anonymous said...

I think Phillip has changed alot. He doesn't care that Timothy's black anymore.If they wern't stranded on a island I'd say being blind has helped Phillip. Timothy has changed a bit 2. He's taking Phillip to do more things than just make palm frond mats.

From(the dude that lived through an explosion)Cheeseball

Cheeseball like $$$$$$! said...

If Iwere to give a chapter a name it would be when Phillips ship got torpedoed. I'd name that chapter "Sunk". I think Phillip has started to warm up to Timothy. I wonder if Phillip will fall into his fishing hole. What will happen if Timothy gets sick again?
From(the guy who loves $$$$$$$) Cheeseball:P

Anonymous said...

Philip has been strong since Timothy died on the island.Yes Timothy did change when he got hit with rain hard.I also liked the chapter when Timothy and philip were on the island.It really was good that Timothy and philip were on the island but I am not happy that they had to suffer like that.I would actually call the chapter ''On a stranded island''.

by Andrew Leduc

date 1-28-10

Anonymous said...

Phillip is nicer not so agressive. I liked how he changed. He really changed his attitude about Timothy. He is treating Timothy more like a friend now and less like an enemy.They seem to understand each other`s lives more than judging one another.

Arelis-Arelis-Arelis-Arelis :D :D

Anonymous said...

I think that Phillip hasn't seen for so long, he is losing his mind. when he asked Phillip if he was still black. Or maybe since his mom doesn't like black people and thinks they're dumb, Phillip might be like that too. Timothy has taught Phillip how to survive. Like finding food, making fires, and other stuff that involves surviving.

Herb Serving as the nice Hitler

Anonymous said...

Philip does not really have a bad attitude towards Timothy anymore. I think his attitude changed when he found out that you don't have to see to do certain things . For example he goes fishing by himself and caught a fish. Another time he climbed a palm tree just so Timothy and himself could get some coconuts.

On the other hand I agree with Henry/Hernie that Timothy hasn't really changed except for Fever Malaria.

I liked the chapter when they wrote help in the sand.
I would name that chapter S.O.S. nitsuj si eman ym In other words my name is Justin

Anna said...

1)I think that it was weird that Phillip asked that but he has not seen Timothy in a long time so I understand a little.

2)I think Phillip is different know because he has gotten stronger and he has learned how to do a lot of things. He has learned how to make huts and mats, and he learned how to fish. I don't think Timothy changed very much, though.

3)My favorite chapter is when the ship get's torpedoed because it's a really important chapter. I would call it Lost at Sea because he get's lost at sea in that chapter.

.:~Anna Thee Banana~:.


Anonymous said...

My favorite chapter is the one where Phillip catches the fish all by himself. Phillip felt so much satisfaction that it made me fell good. I also liked it because I love fishing! I think I would call the chapter "Blind Fishing". I would call it that because well he's blind and he was fishing! I'm glad Timothy taught Phillip how to take care of himself before he passed away. Phillip wouldn't survive long without the skills Timothy taught him.
It's Cam!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

#1. Well this is not really about the Cay but what I have to say is that I thought that this book was awsome because if I was lost on an island it would be fun but yet sacrey. Bcause I would miss my brothers,panernts,and everone. I think it would be cool if I met someone else but yet it would be scarey because you do not no who it is. I would be very scared if I was on an island with someone who I dont no I would be so scared that I would probley run somewhere else. WOW how many places would I run. Road Runner!

Anonymous said...

I think that Phillip changed because in the beginning, when he is first on the raft up until when he is blind, he really didn't like Timothy at all. But at the end when Timothy died, he felt horrible. For example... before he died: "No! I won't do it you stupid old ugly man!!" After he died: "Timothy, why didn't you take us with you??"

If I had to pick and name one chapter, I would pick the chapter when he finds out he was blind. I would name it the T.B.B.B or The Bad Blind Boy. I liked this because I just think that chapter was shocking and unexpected.

From your cheez luving servant, Fred Figglehorn. P.s I lik cheez if u hadn't noticed.

Anonymous said...

I think he has changed by attitude he is much nicer ti Timothy, like when he told Timothy he was stupid, or when he hated him because he did not let him have a lot food, and after he told Timothy he was a stupid old black man he wanted to take his words back but you cant take them back once youve said them. My favorite chapter was the one when Timothy gets sick or when Phillip and his mom get torpidoed on the ship, I would name the Timothy one Timothys problem and the torpidoe one the bad surprise.

Rajon Rondo